The Nutritional Supplements You've asked for are here !!

We get numerous requests each week regarding nutritional supplements. Most patients realize that our diets are far less than ideal, stress levels high, and we are exposed to nearly limitless environmental issues. Most patients also realize that the vitamins and supplements they currently buy from large chain stores are of questionable quality, but it is better than nothing. Our market search has led us to make pharmaceutical grade supplements normally available only through physician offices to our patients
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by direct order. Doctors Advantage has several products including Multivitamin, Fish Oil, and Vision related specialty products. We are especially excited about the  Chondroitin/Glucosamine Product to be released in the next month. This will be a liquid product, so no more giant pills to try and choke down. We will have samples in the office when it becomes available. We will have small quantities of multivitamins and Fish oil available in the office, but the best price comes via online purchase with free autoship.

For Detailed Product Information/Ordering follow this link to the Doctors Advantage Website. You MUST enter the code 10135 to get access


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