​The term acupuncture describes a technique where very fine needles are placed in the body as a therapeutic process. Most of the information regarding this technique comes out of the Eastern Medicine approach to treatment. This approach is most commonly designated as TCM, which stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In general, TCM functions around belief in a vital energy force known as Qi (pronounced Chee). This force is believed to flow throughout the body in channels known as meridians, which are usually named for organ systems. In the TCM philiosophy points along the meridians are needled in order to treat different conditions. These points are not based on specific anatomical structures but rather on traditions that were developed over long periods of time.

What's The Difference??

In Acutherapy or Dry Needling we use acupuncture as a techinque but it is applied in our Western Medical Approach. Points in this approach are chosen based on the neuro and muscular anatomy.
Acupuncture/Dry Needling 
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Why use Needles at all??

There is nothing magical about acupuncture needles themselves. The reason for their effectiveness in a Western Medical Approach stem from the body's physiological response to the minor invasion of the needle. This response occurs on several well documented levels, which accounts for the amazing response. Reports of these effects is seen almost daily in newspaper/magazine articles and TV reporters.

We have found the ability to address mechanical dysfunction with manual therapy and exercise in combination with focused stimulation of these physiologic processes to be an amazing one-two punch for reducing pain, improving function, and decreasing frequency and duration of treatment.


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