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We are the only speciality practice in Grand Blanc and Flint, Michigan with Manual Therapy and Acupuncture

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Welcome to Advanced Orthopedic Solutions!
We would like to welcome you to AOS. We are very proud and passionate about the treatment provided in our clinics and believe you will find your experience with us to be of tremendous benefit. AOS is the only orthopedic specialist practice of its kind in this area and one of only a handful in Michigan devoted solely to manual physical therapy. All AOS providers possess doctoral level specialty training with the greatest emphasis in Osteopathic philosophy.

Prime candidates for this type of treatment include patients with low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and chronic hip or shoulder dysfunctions. Post-operative patients still experiencing pain and functional deficits are also excellent candidates.

Our friendly staff and specialists are passionate about making your experience with us as convenient, enjoyable, and effective as possible. We have been able to help a great number of people find relief. Drawing on our specialized training and extensive experience, we utilize proven techniques in OMT and acupuncture, to ease and eliminate painful symptoms. We want to help you enjoy less pain, quicker recovery, and maintain long-term health. Every aspect of our service is geared to make the possible for you. 

We recognize that you have very unique problems and needs. That's why we make sure we are using the most effective therapy possible. We don't believe in needlessly following a course of action that is not bringing you results. That's why we are willing to adapt our treatment strategies to ensure you are getting the most value and results out of each session.  We're eager to begin helping you. Call or come in today!
AOS is a grade "A" facility according to Insurance Industry Ratings based on the number of treatments and cost per visit. This means you can expect 30-40% fewer treatment sessions and 30+% lower cost per visit. If you have a large deductible plan or no insurance this is GREAT news!! Plus cash option and payment plans available

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